Garage Floors

Pebbled Garage Flooring in Omaha, NE

Discover an attractive, convenient and low maintenance resurfacing solution for your garage floor with pebble paving.  Ideal for both residential and commercial garage floors, the natural and inviting colors offered by Premier Paving USA will make your garage more functional and attractive. Pebble pavement consists of natural river rock bonded with epoxy. Unlike concrete, it provides an easy-to-clean surface that is resistant to stains and won’t absorb oil, salt or chemicals.

Durable, attractive garage floor coating solutions

Pebble paving is a layer of epoxy stone concrete overlay that can completely repair and conceal any stains and damage on cement flooring. Pebble epoxy stone paving is perfect for resurfacing garage flooring, which are easily stained and suffer a lot of wear and tear. Unlike concrete, pebble paving floors are stain resistant, simple to repair and easy to clean, so your new garage floors will stay looking new for years to come. We recommend our pebbles paving as a the perfect garage floor coating for both commercial and residential properties.

The versatility of garage floor epoxy coating will allow you to transform your garage into an attractive, functional space. With a high gloss finish that is a breeze to clean, pebble garage flooring can help you turn your garage into a showroom for automobiles, a functional workspace, or a craft area. Furthermore, epoxy stone garage floor coating lasts for years and years, it’s a sound investment in the quality and beauty of your home for years and years to come.

When we look at ugly, stained garage flooring, we see an opportunity to create something entirely new with the infinite possibilities of custom pebble pavement. If you want to give your garage a fresh look, start from the ground up! Call Premier Paving USA today to learn more about garage floor epoxy options.