Pool Decks

Pool Deck Flooring in Omaha, NE

20140710_124005-1024x768A colorful, durable pebbled pool deck can transform your backyard into beautiful outdoor living space, perfect for relaxing and entertaining guests. Premier Paving USA’s signature epoxy pebble flooring provides a durable, easy to clean surface that looks just like natural stone at a fraction of the cost. Epoxy pebble flooring is slip resistant, stain resistant, and creates a porous surface so that standing water is a thing of the past! Epoxy pebble paving is a popular choice for outdoor patios and pool decks because it’s an easy to clean surface and comfortable enough to walk on, even in bare feet!

You can customize your Omaha or Lincoln pool deck with a wide array of epoxy pebble paving colors and designs. Our concrete flooring can fit areas of any shape and size and be customized to complement any outdoor décor.Customize a design, border, or pattern on your Omaha pool deck to give your backyard a polished, sophisticated appearance.

As an alternative to hard and smooth concrete, pebble paving offers a porous and textured surface that is crucial to pool area safety.  Because the surface of pebble pavement is permeable, water doesn’t puddle on top of it, instead sinking beneath the surface of the river rocks. This eliminates puddles, and combined with our slip-resistant sealant, minimizes the risk of slips and falls around the pools. There is no substitute for the luxury and elegance of an indoor or outdoor pool surrounded by pebble paved surfacing.

With the added benefit of easy maintenance, a pebble paved pool area is largely stain resistant and can be easily cleaned with water and soluble detergents. With our superior product knowledge and ability to customize pebble blends to each individual project, Premier Paving USA offers highest quality service and design in pool deck flooring for the Omaha area.

A pebble paved pool deck offers the beautiful finish of an indoor floor as well as the durability and weather resistance of exterior concrete. Call Premier Paving USA today to upgrade your Omaha pool deck flooring.