Pebble Paved Steps in Omaha, NE

20140618_130921-1024x768Choose pebble pavement to give your commercial or residential steps a well-deserved makeover. At Premier Paving USA, we can replace concrete stairs and steps with the elegance and durability of pebble pavement. Pebble pavement is a slip resistant and easy to maintain, making it perfect for areas with high foot traffic. Slippery steps can be a liability for Omaha businesses, but pebble pavement provides a permeable surface that doesn’t form puddles or standing water!

Premier Paving USA offers a safe and affordable option for resurfacing stairs through application of a natural pebble bond that is porous and resistant to standing water.  Pebble paving offers a practical solution for slippery or steep stairways by adding texture, durability and permeability to steps that might otherwise be difficult to use.

Premier Paving USA offers a wide variety of colors and combinations for our natural river rock surfaces. Choose from an wide selection to create a customized surface to complement any decor.

There’s no reason to wait. Call Premier Paving USA today to makeover your stairs with the beauty of natural river rock!