Concrete Overlay

Decorative Concrete Overlay in Omaha, NE

Over time, concrete flooring inevitably breaks, cracks and stains, and the process of a tearing out damaged concrete is both costly and time consuming. Rather than completely removing existing concrete flooring, choose a decorative concrete overlay from Premier Paving USA to resurface concrete with the elegance of natural river rock. The epoxy stone of pebble flooring is applied over your existing concrete or cement completely concealing and repairing any cracks or stains. Our custom concrete overlay are perfect for resurfacing both interior and exterior flooring.

Choose pebble paving for your next concrete resurfacing project!

When the polymers in our epoxy concrete overlay bond, they harden to form a firm, comfortable surface while making the cement beneath more flexible to avoid future breakage. Our friendly team of professionals is experienced in concrete overlay installation for both indoor and outdoor flooring. Pebble paving is a popular choice for resurfacing driveways, garage floors, patios, entryways, basements and more! Our epoxy flooring solutions are available in a huge variety of color combinations to allow you to completely customize the look of your flooring. Choose from a wide selection of natural river rock stones or create your own unique color combination for a completely personalized look.

Concrete overlay is the perfect solution to drab, damaged concrete. Our concrete resurfacing services offer an affordable alternative to replacing damaged concrete that actually strengthens cement and improves the durability of your flooring.

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