Why Choose Pebble Paving?

Why Choose Pebble Paving?

Pebble paving is rapidly growing in popularity because it offers an attractive, durable alternative to traditional concrete. Learn why more and more Lincoln and Omaha homeowners are choosing Premier Paving USA to transform drab flooring and pavement into stunning, customized surfaces.

Long-lasting beauty and durability

When concrete cracks, the gaps have to be filled with caulk that doesn’t conceal the damage and detracts for the appearance of your home. Pebble pavement, on the other hand, provides a more attractive and unique aesthetic as well as a more flexible and durable surface. If a pebble paved surface cracks, it can be seamlessly repaired with no evidence of damage, so your all your surfaces stay protected and beautiful.

Moreover, pebble pavement can be customized in an endless variety of colors and designs. This gives homeowners the opportunity to customize surfaces such as driveways, basements, garages, pool decks, patios and more. Pebble paving creates an elegant aesthetic that can be customized to fit any style or decor.

Say goodbye to stains and dust!

Pebble epoxy is unique because it provides a comfortable, smooth surface for walking, but is still porous. Instead of puddling, liquids instead sink beneath the porous surface of the pebbles. This avoids puddles and standing water, which is ideal for Omaha pool decks and Omaha driveways, and virtually eliminates any risk of stains. Even oil and salt stains that are common in concrete driveways and garage floors won’t effect your pebble pavement.

Quality and Versatility

Pebble pavement can be applied to virtually any concrete surface. At Premier Paving USA, we often work as Omaha driveway pavers, transforming Omaha garage flooring and driveways with stunning pebble epoxy. But pebble paving isn’t just for outdoor surfaces! In addition to paved pool decks, patios and sun rooms, we also apply customized pebble paving to entryways, kitchens, family rooms and basement flooring in Omaha. To see examples of work paving Omaha driveways, garages, basements and more, please browse our Gallery!

Stunning Lusterstone® Alternative!

The Premier Paving USA team is not affiliated with the Omaha Luster stone® brand, however we offer comparable experience and services installing epoxy stone pebble stone flooring. River rock epoxy stone is a stunning flooring option for commercial and residential properties. We can create customized color and design combinations with our natural river rock flooring that offers long lasting durability and quality. Like Luster stone®, Premier Paving USA installs epoxy stone pebble pavement floors for homeowners and commercial property owners throughout the Omaha area.