Lusterstone® vs Pebble Paving

Lusterstone® vs. Pebble Paving: What’s the difference?

While Premier Paving USA is not associated with the Omaha Luster stone brand, our experienced team offers an alternative to Lusterstone®  with our epoxy stone installation services.


  • Lusterstone® is a brand. 
  • Luster stone is an Omaha based company that installs pebble paving.
  • Like Premier Paving USA, Lusterstone® offers pebble paving services for commercial and residential properties in Omaha

Pebble Paving

  • Pebble Paving is a product.
  • Pebble paving is epoxy stone flooring that is installed by many companies throughout the country.
  • Pebble paving is a stone epoxy consisting of natural river rock that s a popular choice for commercial and residential paving and flooring







 If you’re curious how epoxy stone flooring could transform your home or business, contact Premier Paving USA to learn more! We proudly install custom stone epoxy floors made with natural river rock to add beauty and value to properties throughout the Omaha area.

Ready to make the change to pebble pavement? Call Premier Pebble Pavement today!